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We will review your case to ensure that your are entitled to the surplus funds. We perform the appropriate searches, file the motions, and appear on your behalf to recover the funds.

Florida Statute Chapter 45 governs the procedures for judicial sales and qualifications for surplus trustees for the State of Florida.

What is a Surplus?

When the high bidder at a public auction bids in excess of the total amount of the plaintiff’s judgment, there is a surplus.

How do you get you started?

In order to get started, please contact us so that we may provide you with the documentation…

Who we are?

Florida Surplus Services recovers surplus funds on behalf of individuals.  FSS is overseen by an  attorney with 12 years of experience…

What do we charge?

The amount we can charge for surplus recovery is set by Florida Statutes.  We charge a contingency fee of 12%…