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About Us

About Us

Florida Surplus Services, Inc.  is a Surplus Trustee in the State of Florida that  recovers surplus funds on behalf of individuals. FSS is overseen by an attorney with 12 years of experience and employs a knowledgeable and talented staff to service its clientele.  FSS’s principals are licensed and insured, and the company maintains the high standard necessary to be a Trustee by the State of Florida.  As part of the company’s service to its clients, FSS employs and consults with attorneys to file motions in the respective courts and appear before the courts to recover their clients’ funds.  FSS provides uncompromising diligence and care with respect to its clients’ cases, and always strives to produce the best possible outcome for its clients..

Services do we perform?

We will review your case to ensure that your are entitled to the surplus funds. We perform the appropriate searches, file the motions, and appear on your behalf to recover the funds.



Christian Cruz is an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Florida and has ten years of experience in Real Estate, Surplus Recovery, Unclaimed Property, Short Sales, Loan Modifications, Foreclosure Defense, and Appellate Practice. Mr. Cruz always strives to obtain exceptional results for his clients, offering advice, guidance and representation to clients facing challenging legal situations.


Private Investigator

Juli Barish is a private investigator licensed with the state of Florida. She has over 30 years of experience working with the Florida Judiciary. In the 16th Judicial Circuit she has served as a Probation Officer, Process Server, Private Investigator, and worked 14.5 years as a Federal Probation Officer in the Southern District of Florida. Juli is a versatile and accomplished investigator who takes pride in her work and recovering assets for those who are entitled to them.